Use smart tech to differentiate your business!

Most of our residential services (lighting, security, audio, etc.) can be provided for commercial, offices, and multi-residential projects. 


Below are some of our most popular commercial installations and services.

Video and Display Walls

Video displays add impact to any lobby, waiting room, hall, etc. We can design walls in various sizes and configurations to fit your space – residential or commercial.

Security and Surveillance

No matter your business, it’s important to take steps to ensure it’s secure. Inside or out, wherever you require a camera, entry access system, sensors etc., we can create a full system of protection.

​See our surveillance and entry access offerings here.

Entry Access

Entry access technology enables you keep track of day-to-day activities with ease.

With keypads, Bluetooth linked systems, magnetic locks, and more – you have a wide range of options.

You can give or revoke access to different areas, use key cards, give codes to guests, integrate with security systems, and more.

Video Displays and Screens

Display your menu, past projects, and relevant information about your business with a video display or projection screen. Screens are a cost-effective alternative to posters and signs, hey are easily changed and require no additional cost beyond installation.

Also a useful addition to any workplace. Impress your clients with a bright, bold display or use them in a meeting area to  make conferences and presentations easy. 

Touchscreens and Directories

Provide information to clients or guests in an interesting way. Using digital displays or touchscreens allows for a unique and simple user experience. 

Indoor & Outdoor Custom Lighting

Make your business recognizable with custom exterior lighting. We’ve created custom light fixtures, color-washed buildings, and provide lights to improve visibility for signage.

Creative lighting can add impact to art, desks, fountains, and more. See more about custom indoor lighting here.