Rooted in Pro-Audio, VU specializes in the installation of high fidelity sound systems including:

  • Whole Home Audio
  • Outdoor/Landscape
  • Home Theater
  • Commercial
  • Sound-masking
  • And more…

With smart audio products, you can easily multiple music streams and zones from your phone or other smart device. You can easily connect to your favorite playlists, streaming services, and music libraries.

Indoor and Whole Home Audio

Whether you’re looking for in-wall speakers for a tailored system or free-standing speakers for flexibility, we have tested and chosen only the best audio equipment.

  We can provide any product you need to get balanced, powerful sound that can fill a room or your whole home.

Sonos is one of our best-selling, and highly recommended, audio brands. Their app is simple and user-friendly and their products offer pure tone, strong base, and overall high-quality sound.

 All Sonos products are wireless and compatible so you can easily add more if you choose to expand your system.

Home Theater Audio

We install every tech aspect of a home theater; from screens and displays to sound-masking, see our home theater offerings here.

Outdoor & Landscape Audio

Create the perfect atmosphere for your patio, rooftop, pool, deck, etc. Features like all-weather design keep your speakers safe and dry. In addition to providing equipment, our team will create a landscape with the best placement to provide you with the highest quality sound.