Luxury Installations

Luxury Installations

Take your home to a new level of luxury with one of our custom installations.

Although Smart home products are not considered a necessity, there are products that go above and beyond basic smart home features to take your home to the next level in style and comfort.

Ketra products are designed to accurately imitate natural light. 

Good lighting can affect, mood, sleep cycle, comfort-level, and more. Bringing more natural light into your home will keep you balanced and energized.

Their lights are also adjustable in brightness, saturation, and more to give you flexibility to define your atmosphere. Read more about their award-winning products here.

Heated Products and Installations

Beyond heated floors, there are everyday inconveniences that can be remedied or improved with heated solutions.
With products such as towel warmers, mirror defoggers, and backlit mirrors – getting ready in the morning will be more pleasant and smooth.

In the wintertime, make shoveling your driveway a thing of the past, with driveway warming snow will melt on contact, leaving your driveway warm and dry.

Radiant-Heated Flooring

Radiant heat under your flooring, warms your body from the ground up. As opposed to forced air that’s dry and leaves you with cold patches. Experience a healthier and more consistent heat.

Beyond tilting mounts, Future Automation takes display mounts to a new level. They specialize in mechanisms that conceal and reveal displays at the touch of a button.

Their mounts are designed for any unique space with lifts, drop down mounts, hidden table and floor mounts, and more. Available for commercial and residential.

Concealed Displays

If you want your TV to be multi-functional and blend perfectly with your decor, TV’s can be concealed behind mirrors or artwork and framed to match the aesthetic of the room.

Motorized TV Mounts and Cabinetry

Whether you like to keep your TV stowed away while it’s not in use or you prefer to adjust the angle of your screen at your leisure, we can provide the perfect mount or custom cabinetry to house your TV.

Custom Lighting

In addition to daylight simulation with Ketra, we can help design and create custom lighting for any space: LED strip lighting, sconces, artwork and display lighting, underlighting, water features, furniture and more