Home Theater

VU started over 25 years ago with audio. Creating powerful, immersive sound systems has become one of our specialties.

Whether you’re looking for Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 audio or want to bring theater sound to your living room – we have starter packages, a la carte audio equipment, and a team of audio engineers that will work with you to create your custom theater.

If you're looking for a starter theater system, SONOS offers a great set of products, but if want your theater to go beyond to a custom designed space, we provide it all.

SONOS 3.1 Entertainment System

If you’re  looking for a sound system with all the bass, clarity, and balance of in-wall/in-ceiling audio without having to open walls or wire; the SONOS theater system is the perfect fit.​

Only made up of 2 pieces, this set delivers incredible sound. The soundbar houses 9 powerful amplified speakers, complimented by the sub’s solid bass without rattle or buzz.

You can control the system wirelessly by remote or smartphone. You can also expand upon it with other SONOS products over time such as speakers and amplifiers.

Dedicated Theater System

We install every tech component of a dedicated theater: lighting, screens (projection, visual display, etc.), audio, and sound masking.

If you’re interested in one of our packages but it isn’t quite right, we can adapt one to fit your needs.