Climate Control

Climate Control

WiFi-enabled thermostats changed the way we manage heating and air-conditioning. Now you can monitor climate from anywhere at any time. See more on modern climate control options and benefits below.

Comfort: Automated

Along with the option to set your own schedules and preference as with traditional thermostats, Smart Climate systems adapt to your lifestyle.

With the optional additions of room sensors, you can make sure the temperature is perfect in specific rooms as well.

Once you adjust your settings, your thermostat is designed to be self-sufficient so you never have to worry about having to keep your home comfortable.


With adaptable design, it’s easier than ever to save energy on heating and cooling.

Depending on your system, smart thermostats can adjust temperature to conserve energy usage when you’re away then to your preferred temperature upon your return.

Some models also utilize ‘Eco-Mode’ as well to maximize energy savings.

Easy to Use

All smart thermostats are designed to be clean, efficient, and easy to use.

Integrating with Savant or another smart home system allows you to access your home’s climate control from anywhere.

You can also control some systems with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Thermostat Brands

Your thermostat has to work with your home and lifestyle. We carry a variety of smart thermostat options. If you’re unsure which you would want, we can help you pick the best fit.

Heated Flooring

Warm a room from the ground up with radiant flooring. Heated flooring is a safe, healthful heating option that fills a room with even warmth.

Perfect for cool fall and winter days.