Climate Control

WiFi-enabled thermostats changed the way we manage heating and air-conditioning. Now you can monitor climate from anywhere at any time. See below modern climate control options and benefits.

Reduce energy consumption and take control of your comfort.

Indoor and Whole Home Audio

Personalize settings to create an automated system or make changes whenever you’d like.​

There are smart systems available that adapt to your lifestyle.If you prefer to set your schedule manually you can as well.

But you have the options for your system to be self-sufficient so you never have to worry about having to keep your home comfortable.

Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective

With smart functions, it’s easier than ever to save energy on heating/cooling.

Depending on your system, smart thermostats can adapt to your coming and going, adjusting temperature to conserve energy usage.

Some models also utilize ‘Eco-Mode’ as well to maximize energy savings.

Shown: Ecobee4

Ease of Use with Remote Access

All smart thermostats are designed to have a clean, efficient and easy to use format.

Integrating with Savant or another smart home control system can allow you to access your home’s climate control from anywhere.

You can also control some systems with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Multi-zone Control

Have the flexibility to set the temperature in individual rooms throughout your home.

Smart systems use small sensors you can place where you’d like that connect to the main system.

So if you’d prefer your bathroom to be warmer than your bedroom, you have the option.