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Meticulously picking out products, designing wiring schemes, and building systems to perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.


From readily available brands to high end dealer-only, we have the products you need and the ones you didn’t know you wanted, all at meet-or-beat pricing. We offer a la carte pieces and bundles. So if you want one speaker for your deck, we’ve got it; if you’re looking for a lighting package for your kitchen, we’ve got it; if you want a collection of items that work together seamlessly – we can do that too.


Once you’ve picked out your products, have a solid design for your space, the next step is making it happen. Our team works diligently to install each piece of the puzzle to make your project come together.


Programming is the final and essential piece to building a smart system that grabs each piece and tells it how to fit into the whole. Our certified designers and technicians have extensive experience in creating systems of products that work together seamlessly and built around your needs. Programming Is what takes to from just a bunch of smart things, to one smart system.

Maintenance and Service

After your installation is complete if you ever have any trouble with your products or systems, we’ll be right there to sort it out. We want all of our customers to know that we are dedicated to their 100% satisfaction, even after the work is done.

Wiring for Smart

Aside from traditional wiring, we can wire your home for any smart system Houses are being built smarter every day and are becoming the homes of the future. Even if you aren’t ready for your home equipped to be with smart products right now, you can still be prepared for if you want them later on.

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