Home WiFi Upgrade by EERO

Do you need faster internet in your home? Do you want a system that is quick and easy to set up, no wiring required, with excellent wireless range? A home WiFi system from EERO is the perfect upgrade. It’s consumer grade, has simple expansion, and requires no construction.

Free Heat Map Testing Included Installation and Setup Included


Works Well With:


Free Heat Map Testing

We’ll test your home to see where your signal is the weakest and suggest WAP placement to give you the best coverage.

Features and Benefits:

Does Not Require Wiring

EERO pro systems can be installed in your home with no drilling or wiring required.

Large Coverage Area

2-3 Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) covers a single-family home.

Powered by TrueMesh™

EERO is the first home WiFi system to be powered by TrueMesh™, this system enables the WAP’s to communicate with one another to create a strong field of coverage.