Sonos 3.1 Audio Starter

A 3.1 Audio System brings your TV screen to life. The Sonos Beam gives you crystal clear sound. The Sonos Subwoofer adds intense and impactful low-end to movies and music alike that you can feel.




Features and Benefits:

The Sonos Beam

You’ll hear dialogue from its center array as well as an expansive Left & Right stereo field guaranteed to wow you, your friends and family.

Usable with Voice, App, or Total Home Control

It works with the Lutron Caseta app and can be voice controlled using Alexa (below), Google Home, etc. It also can be tied in to a Total Home Control system such as Savant.

Supports Voice Commands with Amazon Alexa

These include commands to start music and content with Spotify, TuneIn and Audible; commands to control other services started with the Sonos app and popular other Alexa features.


As part of a Sonos system, it can easily be added to over time if you choose to expand your system.