I felt it necessary to send a note praising the exemplary service, performance, and dedication from your project manager. They had exemplary communication skills, product knowledge, trouble shooting capabilities, and an obscene work ethic. The technician came late in the evening to accommodate my work schedule to install my VU Home. I could not have been happier with his speed, personality, and attention to detail.
They then saw an email from me at 6:30pm two days later with an issue I had with connection. Instead of getting back to me the next day, was at my door within minutes to fix the problem set off by my new breakers.
I am not often moved to send letters like this. I am certain you already know how valuable of an asset your technicians are to your organization. With partners that are “customer obsessed” it is easy to see why your business is doing so well.”
Matt Di Stasi
Philadelphia, PA
“The video wall looks amazing!”
HRH Health System
Warminster, PA
“I love the lights! Can we do them everywhere else?”
Julie B.
Philadelphia, PA
“You and your guys did it! Thanks so much for pushing through. I know I was picky and sometimes annoying, but you found a way to make it happen for me. Much appreciated”
Ryan C.
Philadelphia, PA
“Honestly, I think the tech stuff is more exciting than closing was! This stuff is flipping incredible. Love everything; I can’t wait to do more! Seriously beyond impressed and your crew was great.”
Brittoni F.
Philadelphia, PA
“Thank you for the wonderful service. You couldn’t have a better team; really knowledgeable, capable and nice. I think it says a tremendous amount about your services and how you deliver them that you were able to make someone like me very happy with your company considering how little I use or think about modern technology. Thank You!”
Robin K.
Philadelphia, PA