Lutron RA2 Bundle

Enjoy personalized smart lighting and shade control. Lutron’s RA2 System is a step above Caseta designed to provide larger homes with added convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. It enables you to stay in control of your home, even when you’re not there.  This bundle provides control for up to 100 devices.

1 × RA2 Select Main Repeater
5 × Maestro Smart Dimmers
1 × Smart Remote Dimmer
Professional Installation Required, Price Not Included



Features and Benefits:

Control More Than Just Lights

With the app you can control not only lighting, but thermostats, Sonos music, and smart fan switches (all available in additional packages and add-ons).


Program your lights or shades to turn on/off and adjust automatically based on time of day or your custom schedule.


Control lights based on your location. This feature can turn on your lights when you arrive home and notify you if you leave if lights have been left on, prompted by your coming and going.

Smart Away

Similar to a “vacation mode”, this feature will turn your lights on and off randomly in the evening to give the appearance that your home is occupied while you’re away.

Example Smart Switch Installation:

  • (x1) Entryway or Foyer
  • (x1) Living Room: Main overheads
  • (x1) Kitchen Area: Main overheads
  • (x1) Kitchen: Island pendants
  • (x1) Master Bedroom: Main overheads