Total Home Control by Savant

Total Home Control can tie together almost every one of our offered packages. It enables you to control all of your home features without having to exit a single app. It’s user-friendly, scalable, and works well with most existing systems and products in your home.

Installation and Programming Included



Features and Benefits:

What It Can Control:

Audio, streaming services, security systems, surveillance, TV’s and media players, fans, motorized window treatments, climate control, lighting and more.

Set Your Scenes

Create a scene exactly how you like. For example: Set your lights to the perfect level, your thermostat to the perfect temperature, audio on, shades at 50%. Then every time you hit that ‘scene’ they’ll happen all at once at the touch of a button.

Supports Voice Commands with Amazon Alexa

These include commands to start music and content with Spotify, TuneIn and Audible; as well as commands to control other services started with the Sonos app and other popular Alexa features.

Integrates with 3rd Party Products Seamlessly

Savant doesn’t only control Savant products. It works to integrate all of your favorite products such as Sonos, Amazon, Blu Ray players, thermostats etc.

Read more about what Savant Home can do and how it works.

Note: License may vary depending on software.