Advanced WiFi Upgrade by Luxul

Do you need stronger, more secure WiFi that goes beyond a DIY system? We have an Enterprise grade system by Luxul, usable for commercial and residential. 

2 × Apex Wave Dual-Band Wireless Access Point
2 × Power over Ethernet Injector
1 × XWC-1000 Wireless Controller
Heat Map Testing Included Professional Installation Required, Price Not Included


Works Well With:


Free Heat Map Testing

We’ll test your home to see where your signal the weakest and suggest WAP placement to give you the best coverage.

Features and Benefits:

Create Secure Guest Networks

Allow guest to safely use your internet without allowing them on your main network with guest access.

Durable and Subtle Design

The design is unobtrusive and does not take up much space on a ceiling or wall.

Easily Expanded

Add up to 16 Wireless Access Points throughout a space for seamless service.

Note: This installation requires running wiring. If your walls are closed and/or would prefer no construction involved, check out our ‘EERO Home WiFi Upgrade‘ or please feel free to give us a call and we can build a package for you!